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Shelmar Underpinning Melbourne provides expert, professional underpinning services you can rely on. We can solve a problem you’d rather not deal with. Our company provides the expertise that any building or construction project requires. Unlike many building services we don’t subcontract out our work and all work is carried out with precision and care. Our team is fully insured and we have industry accreditation to give you peace of mind, namely, a HIA Membership, Registered Building Practitioner Number: DBL 34295, and Home Owners Warranty. Our skilled labour force are focused on delivering results and have a proven track record of achieving and exceeding our client’s expectations. No excuses, no delay, we provide specialised construction services for clients in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors you can count on.

Shelmar Underpinning is Melbourne’s foremost foundation and reblocking specialist. Our 30 years of experience in the industry allows us to quickly and efficiently resolve foundation problems in your property without the hassle.



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