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"I’m glad someone does this sort of work, you guys really earn your money. Thanks heaps!"
Matt, Fairfield
"Thanks for a great job. Nice to have the house back where it used to be. You didn't have to do the garden but we were very glad that you did. The house looks better than ever!"
Carl, Rowville
"It was like Christmas! We were so excited going from room to room finding the doors that were sticking and jamming now free, cupboards opening, benchtops levelled. We wish we had contacted Shelmar years ago."
Mike & Gale, Croydon
"Thanks, as pensioners it's so nice to have polite workers here with no loud music and everything left clean and tidy."
Ron & Mary, Blackburn
"You were a great help. As a result of the work your team did our floors are now firm, the windows are level and the doors no longer stick. We are very satisfied with the tremendous job that you did. We would highly recommend Shelmar if you have similar needs."
Douglas & Jeanette, Ringwood
"Thanks again to the team at Shelmar Underpinning. It has come out better than we thought. No need to repoint the bricks and no nasty surprises. Also under budget!"
Eric & Julie, Glen Waverley